Our unique 8mm film transfer process actually scans each individual frame of your film one at a time and then digitizes it. This frame-by-frame process allows the entire area of the original image to be viewed. This reveals even more of the film frame than what is seen when viewing through a projector. Also because we are converting on a frame by frame basis there is no annoying flicker that results as when using other low quality 'real time' transfer methods. Additionally, the equipment we use is specially modified to provide even illumination across the entire frame. As a result there is no 'hot spot' in the middle of the frame. Of course, the same process is used for super8 film and 16mm film transfers.

This is an example of a 50-year-old film that was converted using this process. The sprocket holes were left in for effect and would be cropped out during production but their inclusion here certainly illustrates the superior registration achieved as well as the fact that the ENTIRE frame is accessible and can be cropped as desired. The resolution and frame size have been reduced to accommodate internet streaming but note the even illumination, edge to edge focus and total lack of flicker. The file was encoded to the MPEG1 format. The resulting DVDs will be full broadcast resolution and use a much superior encoding format. If you'd like to see a full resolution sample clip, please contact us and we'll make those arrangements.

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