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who we are

The staff of C2 It brings together more than 30 years experience in the audio, video, publishing and design fields.

our audio experts

Like many others we got our start playing in a garage band. But from the very beginning we were writing and recording our own material. Since then we've gone on to work with numerous artists representing all genres of music. We've progressed a long way since those early days, but still approach the process with the same enthusiasm.

our video experts

Beginning with a music video and short film back in the college days, we've gone on to embrace the world of digital video. We've shot and edited weddings, sporting events, musical performances, corporate events, high school plays, and other smaller events. We know how to capture the moment and portray it in the best light.

our publishing experts

Our publishing pros have worked in every form of media: newspapers, book publishing, web sites, magazines, advertising, public relations, etc. From writing press releases to working with printers to meet deadlines, they have seen and done it all.

our design experts

Our graphic designers know Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver inside and out. From creating logos and restoring damaged photos to designing web sites, magazines and media kits, they can pull together any project and make it look great.

customer accolades

We truly appreciate every comment and opinion from our customers. We rely on 'word of mouth' advertising, so its important to exceed our customers expectations at all times.

Feel free to read some recent feedback from our clients.

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