If you have archived material on cassette tape or reel-to-reel and are concerned about its longevity, you may want to consider transferring your music to a modern digital format, which can last indefinitely.

Similarly, if you have old vinyl LPs, 78's, or 45's that won't be released on CD or any newer format, you may want to transfer those so that they can be enjoyed as easily as your other CDs.

Our audio transfer process involves digitizing your material at a high-resolution sample rate. We then apply specialized noise reduction and level correction tools to clean up the audio signal and prepare it for copying to its final destination - CD, HD, DVD, etc.

If you have other transfer needs outside of our basic packages please ask us for a custom quote.

Audio Transfer

basic audio transfer pricing

Cassette Tape to CD Transfer

$20: Up to 80 minutes of material transferred to CD. Includes track indexing, professional noise reduction, normalization. Delivered in slimline jewel box with insert

$25/CD + MP3: This service includes the addition of MP3 versions of each song on the CD. The MP3s will appear when loading the disc into a computer. Ideal for emailing to publishers or posting on web sites.

Reel-to-Reel to CD Transfer

$50: Up to 80 minutes of material. Includes, noise reduction, level optimization and track indexing (where possible). Delivered in slimline jewel box with insert.

LP to CD Transfer

$19/LP: Transfer of a single album onto CD. Includes cleaning of record, noise reduction and track indexing. Delivered in slimline jewel box with insert.

Contact us for rates on 45's, 78's

CD Copy

$5: Direct bit for bit duplication of any single CD. Including extra copies of any transferred material.

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