Although there are numerous organizations that will allow you to register your domain name directly, we recommend that our clients allow us to manage their domain registrations. There are several benefits for doing so. Firstly, there is a cost savings. Due to the significant number of domain names we register each year, we are able to obtain significant cost savings for our clients. Secondly, there is the convenience factor. If you are already hosting your site with us, then your domain registration cost will be bundled with your hosting invoices. You won't have to deal with sending out a separate payment to a different organization. Thirdly, there is the security aspect of having us maintain your domain registration. When registering through us none of your personal information is made available to the general public via the whois databases. Also, you'll never run the risk of forgetting to renew your domain name. We will always notify you direclty when your name is up for renewal.


Our current rates for top level domain names are:

  • .com $15/year
  • .net $15/year
  • .org $20/year

Please contact us regarding other top-level or non-top level domain pricing.

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