Here are a few comments from some of our recent customers. We like people to know that your feedback does mean a lot to us and we do appreciate all of your thoughts.

* FIRST OF ALL... WOW. Thank you so much for your amazing contribution to this project. Your dedication, care and pursuit of excellence really shines. I couldn't be happier knowing that I was able to completely relax and know that I was in great hands on this. Donna D. - Live It Up

* Chris, Amazing! Thanks for putting in the extra hours to get the site up and just in time too. I arrive at the conference on Sunday at noon and will start giving out my business cards. I keynote first thing Monday morning and hopefully people will be inspired to visit the website over the coming week. Scott S. - Magic Wand Foundation

* All potential and exsisting clients tell me how informative the web site is as well as how easy it is to move around in. Let me not forget to mention how nice the web site looks, these are comments from the end user. Thanks to the great job Chris and his staff did for me, it has saved many stamps since people can get all the forms they need from my web site as well as rates and that saves on telephone calls. I'm more than satisfied with the work preformed and I gladly recomend C2-It to anyone who will listen. I also saved a bundle of money by having C2-It host my site, 50% less than I paid before. Thanks again for a great job. Guye - CatSpa

* Just want to let you know it is always such a pleasure to work with you, I appreciate your promptness and how you are always able to meet my requests. I couldn't have picked a better company to work with. I will continue to recommend you to anyone in need of your services! Denise - Little Sunshine Playcenter

* I just opened it up and watched it in full. It is wonderful. It is perfect. Clever, professional, not overdone, and evokes emotion. I really appreciate the time you and your team spent on this project. You nailed it. It is an accurate representation of Ellie's first 12 years! I cannot wait to share this with her. When I showed it to her in the rough cut version, she was so happy and loved it. She will truly have this final product to enjoy for a few more decades! Thank you. Michael M., New York, NY

* My mom called this weekend to tell me she couldn't wait for Christmas to open her package. She had no idea what was in there and when she saw the DVD and new DVD player, she couldn't believe it. She was blown away by the surprise and by the quality of the work. She and my brother and his family sat down right then and there and watched the whole thing! Thank you so much again for the great job...she said I made her Christmas and that she loves it...(she rarely says stuff like that...she never gushes...) She asked me when the next DVD will be ready!. Sherrill J.; Mt. Sinai, NY

* Just a few words of thanks to let you know how much our family appreciated the photo montage/video that you created for us. My father was overwhelmed by all of your artistic touches and said it was the best gift he ever received! He passed away on Dec. 23 and we will be burying him today at xxxxxxxxx. He was a POW in a German camp for 6 month during WWII - he survived but many of his friends didn't. Your photo montage will be shown again today as friends and family gather at my mother's home after the funeral. Thank you again for leaving me with a picture memory to always share with my family. Bless You. Yolanda A.; Holtsville, NY

* Once again, thank you so much for making such a fantastic video. We have been watching it over and over and really enjoy it. Hope to work with you again soon. Jenn G.; Alpine, NJ

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