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Tips for Better 8mm Film Transfers

While there are a limited number of ways to increase the quality of old 8mm films, there are a few things you can do to help improve the process before you send us your films.

1. Don't splice too many reels together as this may cause a problem when the technician has to try and feed the film through the equipment.

2. For those of you who may have a broken film reel and do not know how to splice your film together, let us do it. If you splice film without matching it up exactly, it can cause the equipment to jam and possibly damage your film.

3. Don't clean the film unless you have the proper materials (you could put scratches into the film). We will properly clean the films before we run them through the equipment.

4. When sending the films, please put them in their containers. The safest way to transport film reels are in their box or metal container. Don't use rubber bands or tape or any other substance on the film. Any pressure could damage the film and cause breaks. If you have lost the containers, attempt to find a similar sized box so the film is protected and won't move around too much.

5. Pack the reels securely; use bubble wrap or crumpled newspaper so there is minimal space for your reels to move around. The more secure the reels, the better.

6. Please label every film reel with your name and, if multiple reels, the order in which you want them placed on the DVD

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