If you have had your 8mm films transferred at some point in the past and the company used a 'real time' transfer process you, unfortunately, lost a good deal of the resolution and quality of your film. This is especially true if the film was transferred to VHS tape. The VHS format is physically limited to 240 lines of resolution, while the current dvd format measures in at 540 lines of resolution. So you can see that if your films were originally transferred using a real time process and were delivered on VHS, you lost a significant amount of the quality that your original film image contained.

Our frame-by-frame 8mm film transfer process is performed using broadcast quality digitizing equipment which actually exceeds the dvd format specifications. So your original image is captured at its full resolution and quality.

This page contains a unique comparison of a film transferred the 'old' way by your typical transfer house in the early 90's and the same film transferred using our 8mm film conversion process. The clip is scaled down considerably to accommodate internet streaming, but notice the completely even illumination in our transfer as well as the ability to see the entire frame of the film as compared to the older transfer.

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