If you have old photographs, slides or negatives that you would like to preserve for future generations or want to share with loved ones who live far away, then scanning and transferring your pictures to a CD or DVD is the perfect solution.

With your images safely stored in a digital format you can send copies to friends and family, post images on a web site, or simply e-mail them to friends.

At C2 It Multimedia we use a high-resolution transfer process to ensure that every detail of your original image is faithfully reproduced. Each slide/photo is hand cropped and scaled as needed. We use professional color correction tools to insure the best image possible.

The most popular option for your images is our Photo Montage DVD. If you were looking for info on that product you'll find it here.


If you are simply interested in preserving and storing your digitized photos we can provide them on a Photo Vault DVD or CD. The files can be organized on the discs according to specific events or periods of time. On average, 110 4X6 high-resolution photos can fit on a CD; 650 on a DVD.

The Photo Vault CD/DVDs are designed to be viewed on a personal computer, however, many home DVD players will play these discs as well.

sharing your images

C2 It Multimedia can create a Web Album of your photos so you can easily share your memories with friends near and far. This is a great way to share memories quickly, such as weddings, family reunions, etc. Your online Web Album will have a unique internet address that you can share with friends and family.


Retouching and repair is available for all scanned images. Our digital artists can do some amazing work with damaged and faded images. View an example of our Photo Restoration work.

Photo/Slide/Negative Scanning Prices

• Photo Vault

Your images will be stored on your choice of disc with custom label and case

$1.00 per photo scanned at 300dpi (up to 11x14)
$0.90 per slide/negative scanned at 4000dpi
$0.55 per slide/negative scanned at 2000dpi

$5.00 per CD
$11.00 per DVD

• Web Album

Our web album services contains all of your images in an online gallery. The gallery offers both thumbnail and full size image browsing.

$35 site setup
$10/month for hosting of site

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