C2 It Multimedia provides a wide range of video production services for both the business and personnal client. Our expertise in both the filming and 'post production' aspects of video work allows us to provide a truly unique solution to your production needs.

event video

If you need that special event captured for posterity, we can film your entire event and then produce a fantastic DVD from the footage within weeks of the event. Whether you need single camera coverage or need a multi-camera, multi-location setup, we can deliver a broadcast quality product that truly captures the event. Bands looking to create a DVD demo are a perfect candidate for this service.

Event Video ProductionFrom corporate events to school plays, anniversary celebrations to sporting events, we will tailor the production to your needs.

training videos

If you regularly conduct training courses and need to provide that material to other employees you may want to consider documenting the class on video. C2 It Multimedia can produce a DVD with the training session as well as digital versions of all of the course materiasl. This provides a cost effective way of delivering training throughout an organization.

product videos

C2 It Multimedia can provide a video 'product demo' that highlights the selling points of your product or service. This is useful for providing copies to perspective customers as well as incorporating into your website for further marketing outreach.


Another great use of video is creating an Insurance Video. If an unforeseen tragedy were to occur resulting in the loss of your home or belongings, would you be able to remember everything you owned when it came time to prepare the insurance claim? With an Insurance Video on DVD documenting your home's contents you can capture everything that is in each room. This provides a quick means of proof for the insurance inspector. Just keep the DVD in a safe place.

Our deluxe service allows you to store a database on the DVD that contains important information such as purchase dates and prices paid.

real estate video

Creating a walk-through video/DVD is a great way to sell your house. We can easily shoot your home and create a video for your real estate agent to use or even put your video online.


Since each video production project is unique, we would need to discuss your needs with you before determining a price. Please contact us and we'll be glad to set up an appointment to discuss your needs.

Video Production Crew
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