One of the most important things we do as a designer is to communicate with the client to understand what they are trying to achieve with their site design. This fundamental purpose drives the entire design phase. Our goal is not to design a web site that impresses other designers, but to create a site that works for the client.

Web Site DesignWith a thorough understanding of both the marketing aspect of design as well as the technical considerations involved, we are well positioned to create a truly unique solution that can grow with the client. Special features such as event calendars, shopping carts, audio, video, flash animation, forums, etc., can all be seamlessly integrated with your site and make the experience more rewarding for your visitors.

Your web site is an extension of your business or organization. It's vitaly important that your image, message, or philosophy be clearly commuicated through your web site. At C2 It Multimedia, we recognize this and can insure that your web site is a positive reflection on your key principles.

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Pricing obviously depends on the requirements of your site and can vary greatly. The size of the site (ie. number of pages, length of pages), the amount of graphics per page, the amount of 'rich' content, shopping carts, forms, etc., will all effect your initial design cost.

To get a rough estimate of cost structure we've created a 'basic web design package' which offers the following:

  • Up to 5 custom designed pages
  • Custom Navigation Buttons
  • Company name/logo integration
  • 2 - 3 photos/graphics per page
  • Fully mobile friendly (responsive) design
  • Submission form page (i.e., Feedback, Contact, Employment, etc.)
  • Downloadable PDFs
  • Search Engine submission
  • Metatag Generation
  • Title & Description development/integration for SEO

Total Cost: $500.00

"Turning Your Creative Vision Into Reality"