Once your web site is designed to your specifications, it needs to be accessible to the general public. C2 It Multimedia offers our clients a robust and reliable hosting platform.


Our objective here is simple, to provide our valued clients with the very best hosting experience available through unparalleled customer care, delivering affordable services, real honesty and integrity, cutting edge state of the art technology and a very personal, supportive and vibrant staff.

Service is what people scream for and demand these days. Too many hosts ignore this critical aspect to the business and clients feel let down. We don't treat our clients like numbers. We treat them like friends. Personal care and quality service is at the very heart of C2 It Multimedia. Our current clients testify to this personal service and care.

back end technology

We operate out of several of the largest carrier hotels in the world. We have access to every major Tier 1 bandwidth player in the facility. We have added route optimization devices, which insures that your visitors enjoy speedy interaction with your site.

Our network is comprised of Cisco 6509s with 10G uplinks running at the core. The 6509's are fully redundant and running iBGP and HSRP. We have multiple gigE fiber optic (1000Mbit/s) connections from the worlds leading telecommunications companies. With multiple GigE connections, this allows for the high bandwidth that is required for even the most bandwidth intensive programs needed to stay competitive in the ever changing World Wide Web. We also have public and private peering argreements with over 400 ISPs all over the world. We get our IP transit from Global Crossing, Mzima, Internap and PCCW via multiple gigabit fiber uplinks to our core routers/switches. If all but 1 provider fails, there is no change to our network, as we can serve our full client base with one provider, as we leave that much room on every connection. The core switches are connected to two seperate distribution switches (2 cisco 3560-E 10G switches). From the distribution switches, we connect to an edge switch (Cisco 3500 series). All of the servers are protected by state-of-the-art hardware firewalls, where we have Cisco PIX for the network, as well as additional software firewalls for the servers. Everything is logged and routinely scanned by our system administrators.

The bottom line is we've built an extremely reliable, top-notch hosting platform that provides our clients with features and performance to meet their needs today and as well as in the future.


Rates for web site hosting vary greatly depending on your needs (storage, e-mails, bandwidth requirements, etc.) Our rates are extremely competitive and, more importantly, our server reliability is tops in the industry.

In order to give our perspective clients an idea of what to budget for when considering web site hosting, we've developed a 'basic web hosting plan' which includes:

  • 1 GB of dedicated server space
  • 10 GB of monthly transfer bandwidth
  • 10 email addresses
  • Free daily/weekly data backups
  • Free Monthly statistics reports
  • Free Basic content updates (2/month)
  • Free WebMail access
  • Free Domain name redirection
  • CGI
  • FTP Access
  • Ultra Reliable UNIX based server

Package Cost: $15/month (No Setup Fee!!!)

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